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When you visit the island of Bonaire in the Netherlands Antilles, you will find Island Fashions and Gifts located on the main street of Kralendijk, Bonaire's capital.

And when you visit Island Fashions & Gifts, here's some of the ladies you'll have the pleasure to chat with and meet!

Paulette with Zane & Ziggy


Paulette, a native of Boston came to Bonaire because of the spectacular diving and stayed because,“I just fell in love with the friendly Bonaireans and the casual lifestyle.” She happily resides by the seaside with her two Siamese cats, Zane and Ziggy. Click here to see what fun items these two have inspired!

Stella with Shamal


Stella is a native of Bonaire. She enjoys being a member of the team at Island Fashions and Gifts; however she has admitted that we are not her first love! Her real love and joy is this little guy, her grandson, Shamal. He’s wearing one of the cute kid’s tee’s that are available on-line at Island Fashions and Gifts. Click here to see a great selection of rompers and T-shirts for infants and kids.


Lynne and PigletLynne is a native of England. She and her husband decided to sail around the world together and they happily happened upon Bonaire. That was ten years ago! Since that time Lynne has rescued and raised three Loras, the native parrot of Bonaire. She is pictured here with her beloved Piglet, who has a lot to say about a lot of things! Piglet has inspired one of our most popular Christmas ornaments. Click here to view Piglet in casual Caribbean garb, as well as a selection of our very unique and humorous ornaments.




Mamita is a native Bonairean. Her birth name is Francisca, but all know her as Mamita, which is Bonairean for ”sweet mommy.” She meets and greets everyone with such a beautiful smile and warm heart,that you just feel like part of the extended Bonairean family! She is wearing a hand painted Batik outfit from Bali. Click here to see more Batik fashions available online at Island Fashions and Gifts.

For additional information on Bonaire, visit InfoBonaire.

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